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UCLA Bruin Leaders Project

Bruin Leaders offers many seminars throughout the year. Here, we give you a brief abstract of many of our seminars past and present. Our curricula is always changing, so not all seminars are listed here! Check the Seminar Schedule to see when these seminars are offered.

Introductory Seminar

Required for the Certificate.

"Social Change Model of Leadership"
This interactive seminar will explore a values based leadership model that is designed to foster personal growth, collaboration, and community service. The model's non-hierarchical approach recognizes that every individual has the potential to be a leader.

Diversity Issues

One of these seminars is required for the Certificate; an additional one completed will be applied to the elective requirement.

"African American Leadership in the 21st Century"
Explore the history of African American leadership when Dr. Nelson brings his book to life. Examine the rise of the leadership structure from 1920s to the 1950s, the critical days of the Civil Rights movement, the impact of Black radical movements, and developments up to the present day. Dr. Nelson will examine the role that African American leaders played in the 20th Century and compare those accomplishments to leaders in the 21st Century that have represented the African American community, including the impact of President-elect Barack Obama’s campaign and historic election.

"Bruin Leaders and Diversity"
This is an opportunity to explore our perceptions, values and attitudes around diversity.What is diversity? Who are we? Where do our beliefs come from? Are we more comfortable dealing with some groups than others? Can we learn to embrace diversity?

"Intercultural Agency"
To be a leader, one must be able to understand other cultural norms, rules, and values while also being able to empathize with them.

"Breaking Barriers: Asian American Tools for Success"
Historically, Asian Americans have often been overlooked for leadership positions. Through this supportive and interactive seminar, we will explore the unique strengths and barriers Asian Americans face in our journey towards leadership. You will gain proactive ways to address “outer” forces, such as stereotyping, racism, “bamboo ceilings,” and identify paths to improving “inner” traits, such as communication or relationship skills, that can open doors to successful leadership. Historical trends can change, and already are.

"Social Architecting"
Working effectively with others across a range of human differences requires that you consciously and intentionally manage your behavior in order to build productive relationships.

"Gender and Leadership"
Leadership is not necessarily gendered. However, there are changes in the way leadership is perceived and taught that come directly from the influence of feminist philosophy. In this workshop we will explore some of the parameters of how leaders are developed through the application of feminist thought and the rising numbers of women who have become leaders.

"Global Student Leaders"
This interactive seminar features a panel of student leaders that have applied the Social Change Model of Leadership on a global scale. Attendees will hear diverse stories from student leaders who have done service abroad as well as international students who have made an impact on the campus community. Panelists will speak about their leadership experiences and how they apply the 7 C’s when facilitating positive social change in the global community.

"From Sticky to Smooth: Resolving Intercultural Miscommunications"
This interactive workshop will teach participants how to avoid issues of miscommunication that often stem from cultural stereotypes and biases. Participants will walk away with an increased awareness of how to communicate using techniques and strategies necessary for effective cross-cultural communication.

Personal Development

Applied towards the elective requirement of the Certificate.

"The Art of Personal Conversation"
Problems with accountability? Non-participation? Recruitment? This seminar will offer a comprehensive framework that will help you to analyze and solve leadership and organizational issues. It will focus on interaction and working with the real-world issues you bring. Come with issues, leave with solutions!

"Feeding the Leader In You"
Leadership entails balancing several responsibilities, so it’s common for health to drop off the priority list. However, to be an effective leader one must take care of themselves before they take care of others and the world around them. Come learn practical nutrition basics that fit into your busy life and power-boost your energy levels, ability to focus and overall productivity. After all, healthy eating enhances good leading!

"Public Speaking"
This experiential seminar will explore different aspects of public speaking. Participants will learn theories and techniques to deliver amazing speeches and then practice them. We will touch on various aspects of speech delivery including body language and speech content. No prior experience is necessary but participation by every individual is required. We operate under the premise that "it’s always better after your first time."

"Take Control: Leaders Managing Stress Through Mindfulness and Meditation"
An introduction to leadership strategies that invoke the relaxation response, cultivate mindfulness and reduce negative self-talk, toward the goal of effectively managing stress and bolstering one’s optimal functioning. Participants will learn and discuss:
... the interrelationships between personal schemas, thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and stress;
... the concepts of “mindfulness” and the “relaxation response;"
... the effects and benefits of the relaxation response;
... and practice at least one technique for eliciting the relaxation response.

"Self Governance"
As much as you try to stay rational, when your buttons get pushed, you may react in irrational and ineffective ways. Learn about these situations and how to remain an effective leader.

"Community Service and Leadership"
In this seminar, participants will explore the crucial relationship between leadership and community service. Whether your focus on leadership involves a community service project, a business organization, or increasing your own effectiveness, planning and action become most powerful when they aim for positive change.

"The Enneagram"
Discover why you behave the way you do. Learn how to improve relations with people of diverse backgrounds. This test of the personalities that best interact with yours is amazingly accurate and extremely beneficial as you improve your leadership skills.

"Ethics and Leadership"
What are "ethics" and why do we need them? What is the difference between "leadership ethics" and other kinds? Are there universal ethics? How do we make good ethical decisions? Explore these and other questions as participants reflect on the complex process of decision-making.

"Finding Power and Opportunity in Conflict and Controversy"
In keeping with the Social Change Model, this introductory seminar will focus on helping participants develop basic skills needed to foster collaborative relationships when conflict or controversy appears. This interactive seminar will help students develop effective and empowering means of resolving conflict and controversy.

"Leading Through Listening"
Do you want to learn how to motivate someone into action by asking the right questions? Join us for this interactive workshop where you will find out simple yet powerful ways to inspire change by asking effective questions and utilizing active listening skills.

"Helping Yourself and Others Find the Right Job"
It takes leadership qualities to get hired. Learn how to develop yours. In this seminar you will develop confidence to interview well and negotiate your best job offer. Learn to establish rapport with the employer. Learn to persuade the employer how your education, experience, and motivation will solve their challenges. Learn follow-up techniques after the interview to gain multiple job offers. Make networking fun and productive. Identify your motivated skills. Learn how to interview well in a field where you have little experience or background. By attending this seminar you may shorten your job search by months. Equally importantly, you’ll be working in a position that you enjoy and has growth potential.

"Expanding Your Bruin Network and Putting Your Best Foot Forward"
Building your network begins now! This workshop explores the art of networking with UCLA alumni, and how to present yourself professionally and effectively. You will have an opportunity to hear from alumni on how they perceive students and how to make the most of your Bruin network. This workshop will also help you explore how to refine your communication and event planning skills to attract a larger audience to bring success for your organizations.

"Putting the 'U' in Values"
This seminar will examine your individuals values. It will be an interactive session where you will figure out what your values are and how you apply them to your leadership on a daily basis. We will examine your values and how they may change and shift as you grow and learn. Come find out your TRUE values and how to apply them correctly.

"Ethical Decision-Making"
Through interactive exercises and discussions, attendees should learn how to clarify their values and evaluate and improve their decision-making processes. Learning outcomes include: understanding/thinking about how decisions are made, understanding the difference between values, morals, and ethics, understanding types of dilemmas and tools to identify them, and identifying and responding to ethical dilemmas.

Organization Skills & Team Building

Applied towards the elective requirement of the Certificate.

"Conflict Resolution"
Conflict may add challenges to group dynamics, but it also has the potential to bring opportunity. In this workshop on 'Controversy with Civility', the sixth "C" in the Social Change Model of Leadership Development, participants will explore unique approaches to looking at potential sources of conflict and methods of resolving it with the co-founders of Diverse City Consulting.

"Creativity in Leadership"
Do you consider yourself a creative person? If you don't, you have a lot of company. Most people can learn the skills to enhance their creativity and utilize that creativity on a daily basis. This workshop will explore various methods of enhancing your "Creativity Quotient", and provide you as a leader with many techniques helpful to managing your organization.

"Conflict Management Style and Leadership Effectiveness: Negotiating Win/Win Solutions"
Conflict between diverse social groups often leads to negative miscommunication. Skills for managing intergroup conflict have become highly valued in professional environments and in this interactive workshop, participants will become aware of their own tendencies to use certain conflict management styles and learn to develop the skills to mediate intergroup conflicts by recognizing hidden opportunities for resolution.

"Situational Leadership for Leaders"
The search for a "best" style of leadership has been an ongoing activity for those seeking to improve their ability to lead. To the contrary, successful leaders are those who can adapt their behavior to meet the demands of their own unique situation. This workshop will help leaders diagnose their organization and identify an appropriate leadership style.

"Technology and Leadership"
Whether you’re emailing your organization members about the next meeting, or posting to your website or creating a listserve to update members, the prepared leader has to use technology to its fullest. This workshop will help you identify technology that will help you as an organizational leader.

"Women and Leadership"
Leadership is not necessarily gendered. However, there are changes in the way leadership is perceived and taught that come directly from the influence of feminist philosophy. In this workshop we will explore these issues and more.

Final Seminar

This is not applicable to Spring 2022 Internship Session (3.14.22)
End of the quarter project with SOLE will be the last project of the internship.

SOLE will be hosting the Charles E. Young Award Ceremony end of May 2022.

This event will be organized, planned, and executed by the BLP cohort alongside our SOLE Advisors.

More info about the ceremony here:

This is not applicable to Spring 2022 Internship Session (3.14.22)

Required for the Certificate. Must be taken after all of the other requirements have been completed.

Seminar for all Bruin Leaders Participants. What tools for leadership development will you take from your Bruin Leaders experience? Where do we go from here?

PLEASE NOTE: Participants should attend this seminar ONLY after they have completed all other seminar requirements.