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UCLA Bruin Leaders Project
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This is not applicable to Spring 2022 Internship Session (3.14.22)

The Student Facilitation Team is a group of students that serves as BLP's governing student body. The Student Facilitation Team not only facilitate seminars, but participate in the seminar experience with our participants as well. They also serve on one of our planning committees and are responsible for directing the proceedings of the project under the direction of a small staff.

To join the Student Facilitation Team, submit an application here. If you have any further questions, please contact us at

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During the interactive seminars, student facilitators are there to help both the presenter and students in facilitating conversation during the seminars. This may be in the form of asking leading questions to encourage student interaction and discussion or participating in the seminar along with seminar participants. Facilitators are also there to assist the presenter as needed (i.e handing out seminar-related material, conducting seminar evaluations, etc.).

Student Facilitation Team members also serve on one of three committees listed below. Please review our Committee Breakdown Sheet for more details.

(a) Community Service & Member Development,

(b) Marketing & Outreach

(c) Seminar Facilitation, Research & Development.

In addition to this, student facilitators are asked to facilitate at least 2 seminars and 1 orientation session during the quarter . Student facilitators can facilitate more seminars if desired.

"Recruitment and Selection Process" on blue background with small group illustration

Applications are accepted on an on-going (rolling) basis subject to the number of seminars offered at any given time. Students are highly encouraged to apply. Once submitted, applications will be reviewed within 2 weeks of submission and interviews will be scheduled.

Student Facilitators will be selected by our Program Director and the Student Facilitation Team (SFT).

The Student Facilitation Team


  • Jalen Stevenson
  • Behind the Scenes support from previous interns: Misbah Shafi & Alec Lynch

The Staff

  • Kris Kaupalolo
  • Aaron Tacub
  • Anna Capinpin