WELCOME Bruins! 

The Bruin Leaders Project is ready for another existing year in helping students to develop their their skills. Applications for our 2019 -2020 Student Facilitation Team is now available.

Please apply here - https://tinyurl.com/BLP2019-2020 Applications due Thursday, October 31, 2019.

Bruin Leaders Project (BLP) is UCLA's nationally renowned campus-sponsored leadership development program that is open to all UCLA undergraduate and graduate students.

It is a hands-on, seminar-based leadership development program that strives to make its participants better students, better leaders and better citizens. The seminars offered throughout the year cover a wide range of topics ranging from public speaking to conflict resolution and diversity to communication skills.

Based on a non-hierarchical leadership model, we believe that leadership is a state of mind, and therefore anyone and everyone can be a leader. Join us to develop your leadership skills in an interactive and non-confronting setting.

Participants are urged to pursue a BLP Leadership Certificate, though it is not required to participate in seminars. Requirements for the optional Certificate are minimal are presented along with the program, and you can also earn academic credit by participating in BLP. Take initiative and start becoming a leader today!