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UCLA Bruin Leaders Project

This is not applicable to Spring 2022 Internship Session (3.14.22)
Did you know that you can earn a unit of academic credit just for taking seminars with Bruin Leaders? Undergraduates can enroll in Civic Engagement 18 - Bruin Leaders: Model for Social Change and earn one unit of academic credit. To take Bruin Leaders for academic credit, simply enroll in the course. Of course, there are some differences in enrolling for academic credit and pursuing a Leadership Certificate. Some of these differences are:

  • Since you are enrolled in an academic course, you will be assigned short writing assignments after each seminar.
  • You must complete the requirements for the course the quarter you are enrolled, or you will be given an incomplete.
  • For academic credit, you must still perform Community Service; the difference lies in that you must complete 12 documented hours of community service.
  • You must attend a mandatory Orientation Session at the beginning of the Quarter in order to receive a PTE number.

Academic credit option will only be available in Winter and Spring Quarters.