Getting Started - Joining BLP

To join, submit an application. Take a look at our schedule of upcoming seminars to see what's up next. The Bruin Leaders Project is open at no cost for participation to all UCLA students, both undergraduates and graduates.

An optional Leadership Certificate that recognizes your accomplishment is awarded upon completion of the requirements. You must complete the Certificate requirements in one academic year. We will keep track of your progress and you can complete the requirements at your leisure.

Also, learn more about the current Student Facilitation Team and how you can get involved with making the Bruin Leaders Project better than ever!

Leadership Certificate

The Bruin Leaders Project Leadership Certificate is available to all students. The Certificate is a notice of your accomplishment and sign of your dedication in becoming a better leader and citizen.

In order to earn the Leadership Certificate, you must complete the requirements in one academic year. If you are a continuing BLP participant, you must finish your requirements in the upcoming year.

Documents for Participants

Capstone Seminar Requirement

Students will be required to do a 1919 style presentation at the end during the capstone seminar. 1919 style presentations are those used to tell a story and/or narrative while making use of 19 slides and spending a maximum of 19 seconds per slide. Please use the questions below as a guide for your presentation. Each questions must be addressed in some way within your presentation. The purpose of this presentation is for students to reflect on their growth while participating in the Bruin Leaders Project.

a. What is your Civic Identity – Individual Values (consciousness of self, congruence, commitment)

b. How have you grown as a leader during this course?

c. How has your service project affected your leadership skills?

d. How do you plan to continue improving your leadership development?

e. How will you be a global citizen and continue your service to the community?'


Certification of Leadership needs

Six Mandatory Seminars:


Community Service Component:

  • Take part in meaningful and on-going community service.
    • Must demonstrate commitment and dedication. Click here for more details.