The Community Service Requirement for the Certificate of Leadership

The community service requirement for the Certificate of Leadership draws the most questions. Below, you will find the most thorough explanation of the requirement.

The Bruin Leaders Project is a seminar-based leadership program with the Social Change Model of Leadership Development as the foundation of the program. A very important aspect of this model and of BLP is a dedication to some form of ongoing service. We believe that service and leadership development go together.

BLP defines service as giving one's time to help others and the community in a meaningful way. This can be achieved through active participation and/or leadership in organizations, clubs, or community service projects (on or off campus). There is no specific time requirement, but you participants are asked to demonstrate commitment and dedication. The purpose of the Service requirement is to give you the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills you will gain through the BLP seminars to the service that you provide.

If you are not currently participating in any form of service, we have compiled an extensive list of possible organizations that you may want to look into as you decide how you would like to fulfill your service requirement. You can also find other opportunities through the Community Programs Office if you prefer.

Your choice, of course, is not limited to the options listed here. Please feel free to email BLP if you need help finding a service commitment. Once you make a commitment, please contact us at and let us know what you have chosen to do to fulfill the service requirement. After you attend four seminars, you will be given a short questionnaire regarding your service requirement.