Seminar Presenters

Pam Cysner
Pam Cysner is an advisor in UCLA SOLE (Student Organizations, Leadership & Engagement), Trainer for UCLA’s Intergroup Relations Group, Program Coordinator at Eastlake Juvenile Hall, Anti Defamation League National Trainer and Mentor for the Alternatives to Violence Youth Program. Pam has been working as a trainer, mentor, advisor, advocate for children, youth, and social justice for over 20 years and is a committed ally to Westside Special Olympics and values the myriad of opportunities she has to work with and learn from the talented participants in all her programs.
Lloyd Wilkey
Lloyd is a sought after Speaker, Consultant and Advocate, who has worked with community-based organizations, school districts, government, law enforcement agencies, business interests, youth and families forging alliances and pushing for progress. He is a recognized Leader, Mentor, and Coach, as well as co-founder for the Alternatives to Violence Youth Project: KEEP IT REAL and Director of Youth Mentors Incorporated. Lloyd is an experienced Trainer, Facilitator and organizer who possesses an ability to help participants grapple with tough issues and reach for practical, equitable solutions. Lloyd is a valued Adjunct Faculty Member of the Simon Wiesenthal Center-Museum of Tolerance and a national Trainer for the Anti-Defamation League.
Eve Lahijani
Eve is a UCLA alumna and used to be on the Bruin Leaders Project Student Facilitation Team. She has a Bachelor’s degree from UCLA and a Master’s of Science in Nutritional Science from CSULA. She is a Registered Dietitian and has experience as a certified personal trainer, medical nutrition therapist and clinical educator. She currently works as a Nutrition Health Educator in the Bruin Resource Center.
Steve Yu
Steve is the Controller at the UCLA School of Law. Steve completed his undergraduate studies in Economics and obtained his MBA. Steve is a former president of Bruin Toastmasters, a public speaking group here at UCLA, and he is consistently working on his public speaking abilities. On his free time, Steve enjoys running, snowboarding and surfing.
Christine Mata
Christine is the Assistant Dean of Students here at UCLA. She completed her undergraduate degree at UC Irvine and her graduate work at Michigan State University. She began working at UCLA June of 2011. Before that, she came from Humboldt State University in Northern California and she is so excited to be here Working with UCLA students.
David Mangold
David is a UCLA alum and graduated this past Spring 2013 with a degree in Business Economics. He has served on many executive boards during his time at UCLA, including his fraternity and offices in USAC, and was a former BLP Student Facilitation Team member as well. He also worked at an accounting firm for during his college career. A visionary entrepreneur, David has gone on to start multiple businesses right out of college. He has a lot of experience in dealing with different groups of people in different situations.
Thomas Griffin
Thomas griffin is an Ombudsperson at UCLA. A successful mediator and freelance writer. He has worked in various legal, media, and dispute resolution capacities and has a passion for helping people and organizations grow through positive and negative conflict. After quadruple majoring with honors at the university of Colorado, Thomas Earned his J.D. and Master of Dispute Resolution degrees from Pepperdine University. When he’s not at work, Thomas enjoys snowboarding, silent films, and walks on the beach.